Traveler: Kevin | Age: 24

Kevin currently lives in Australia working for a global management consulting company. He came up with the term “fitnessy” to describe his lifestyle: “It’s about asking yourself, ‘what can I do to exercise and eat well in order to make my body feel good?'” This mindset of physical well being is important to Kevin as he spends Monday-Thursday traveling for work.  

How do you find time to exercise when traveling?

This has taken me a long time to calibrate. The key is to be flexible and recognize that some exercise is better than no exercise. I rely on the things I can consistently do on the road: running, yoga, exercises without equipment: gymnastic type handstands and L-sits.  I recently started doing bodyweight training. Hotel gyms are pretty inconsistent. But, if they have a pull up bar, I get pretty excited.  Recently, I started doing bodyweight training. (see links below.) The two days during weekends when I am not traveling are important for me to get in my strength training.

Tell me what and how you eat.

I use Paleo as a framework for my eating and I don’t eat processed food. The key for me is to have a flexible mindset. Although I consistently eat very well, I don’t worry about it too much, especially during  social activities. When out with colleagues during business travel I order healthy items, and limit myself to one drink.

Kevin’s Favorite Workout / Log Sites

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