Most of us already know the basics of what to eat to be healthy and to feel strong and energized.

The challenge is in how do we do this consistently so it becomes a natural part of our lifestyle (and not be a miserable experience.)

I asked a couple of my clients to share their experience and how it helped them stay consistent after our work together.

Why were you interested in nutrition coaching?

Y.S. Age 62: “I knew I had a rather healthy diet and exercised regularly. But, I wanted to get a better awareness of how to control my Type 1 Diabetes.”

P.T. Age 49: “I realized that I needed someone who was much more knowledgeable than I in this area… a person who had been there, who could also understand what a corporate job requires around hours, travel, and stress.”

What was the most helpful part of the coaching process?

Y.S.: “The daily follow up and weekly meeting were extremely helpful to monitor my progress.”

P.T.: “Setting realistic goals and realizing I can focus on my wellness and still allow myself to enjoy a Friday night out!”

What are the long term benefits you received from your coaching?

Y.T.: “Having a more balanced and diverse diet. Better awareness of my needs to control diabetes. I feel better, have more energy and I am happy I did it.”

P.T.: “I have more energy for sure. I know so much more about what I need to do to be healthy on an ongoing basis.”

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