Featuring Andy: Age 24. Avid New York Citibike Commuter.

Andy is a self-described “fitnessy” professional living and working in Manhattan NY. An engineer/solutions analyst with a software development company, Andy is vegetarian who is exploring a vegan lifestyle while actively seeking sustainability in all aspects of his life. “What I do and how I eat is all about not wasting anything and recycling everything in order to have a true positive impact on our planet.

How do you get to work?

I have access to citibikes throughout the city. I enjoy the emphasis on efficiency and being able to get places quickly. The cost is a $150 annual fee. I use their app citibikenyc.com/get-the-app, showing stations in the grid, how many are available and where the open docks to drop off are located. I never have to walk more than 4 blocks to find a bike. They are well maintained, heavy, stable and have 10 brakes front and back. The 40 min. per bike max use gives me plenty of time to get where I need to go.

What are the pros and cons of this type of commuting?

Pros: It’s a great form of exercise. They are efficient, affordable and I get to work in timely manner. They are a good price per ride. I can bike as fast as I want.

Cons: I get sweaty if it’s warm outside. (But so is the subway on warm day)

How do you manage biking in the traffic?

I feel pretty safe. I am always on point and looking. You have to be willing to go the speed and flow of direction of traffic.There’s no ringing your bike bell and crossing lanes of traffic here! Plan out your turns in advance and position yourself to do it.  I do ride at night, but, never if super tired or if I’ve been drinking.

How do you prioritize your healthy lifestyle?

I try to vary things. I enjoy doing trapeze. I teach it part time at New York Trapeze School.

I also do yoga, ergometer and lift. I vary my workouts for 40 to 120 minutes. Keeping it fresh keeps my body challenged. I put a lot of value on doing even a little something. When I’m with friends, we try to mix in exercise: 100 pushups or calf lifts to work in a little here and there. It’s important to value the little tidbits you can get in.

Where are your favorite places to eat in the city for lunch?

DigInn and Hale and Hearty

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