Traveller: Chris | Age: 57 | Occupation: Marketing executive, daily train commuter

For the last 8 years I switched to train commuting after car commuting for decades. My daily commute is a minimum of 2 hours and up to 3 hours per day. Staying stress free, eating healthy and regularly 3-4 times a day without snacking is a priority. Each morning, I’m traveling from South Attleboro, MA to Boston, MA on the MBA commuter rail and found these to be helpful keys to my long travel day.

1. Pre-plan for tomorrow today! Key to commuting and healthier lifestyle is to plan for your schedule including commuting time. You also need to plan for your meetings, schedule and lunch or dinner meetings out. I check menu’s ahead of time if I am scheduled to visit a new restaurant. I’m somewhat familiar enough with the menu then to customize my order so it fits my needs, not the restaurants.

2. Best-laid plans will run amok. In Boston, during the winter, often the one-hour train ride will be weather delayed or slowed down. This is when taking the time to have a good breakfast that will keep me satisfied for hours gives me peace of mind. Depending on the time delay or any delay for that matter: I keep prepacked nuts, almonds and an apple stashed in my briefcase or backpack. I can recall years ago, passing the bagel cart on the way into the train, then there would be a delay, and I’d head right back to that bagel cart. Not anymore.

3. Learn to tune out the world temporarily during your commute. I make sure to de-stress or unplug and even close my eyes for at least 20 minutes daily on my commute. I also do seated stretches like wiggling toes, raising toes to heel for calf stretch and sitting up straight and rolling shoulders for better posture.

4. My favorite accessory. The FooGO ten-ounce thermos. It’s great for chili and soups.

Happy Trails, Chris

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