I love chocolate gelato and green tea. Probably in that order, too.

I share this because I’m going into this shop to have just the tea. I like this place to sit and do work between clients. Having sweets or any kind of treat for that matter means I indulge when I choose rather than because they’re┬áthere.

Years ago I started practicing raising the bar on indulging in treats in order to connect to my goal of staying at a lower body fat percentage. Raising the bar for me means indulging when it’s special: a birthday celebration, sharing dessert with friends, seeing my daughter in New York at our favorite cookie store or whenever I chose to do so. Sometimes it’s planned, sometimes it’s not.

What I don’t do is eat treats because they’re there, I’m stressed, sad or alone. It took me a while to have the talk with myself that if I want to connect to this goal I need to re-evaluate how I eat rather than what I eat.

I still enjoy (without guilt) the occasional indulgences. When I do, I savor it longer, I enjoy them more and I am in control. And it’s good for me and my body. This is the sign in the chocolate shop. That is what it’s all about.

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