Simple Strategies For Feeling Your Best

You know that feeling you get after a many-hour journey in the car munching on crackers and cookies for the last 300 miles? You know when your friends are waiting for you at your favorite restaurant, looking good and excited for a meal, and you show up just hoping that bloated feeling will dissipate before your vacation truly begins?

Let’s put an end to all that with these easy tips you can employ before even climbing into the driver’s seat.

1. Have a plan ahead of time for dinner when you arrive.

This is definitely worth the effort after a long drive. You’ll be glad you did! Research restaurants ahead of time using

2. Make your lunch to bring on the trip, if your travel day is longer than 6 hours.

When traveling, eating food you are not used to could result in an upset tummy. That is not a good way to start a trip.

Make it really easy. The day before you leave, make something from home or order an extra lunch or dinner entree to-go from your favorite local restaurant. Then, just pack it up as an on-the-road lunch.

3. Eat a satisfying meal before you depart.

Eating before you depart reduces being over hungry and making poor food choices later in the day.

Try hard boiling a couple eggs and put them in the fridge the night before you leave. Mash them up and make a tasty toasted egg sandwich with a couple slices of avocado. Easy. You can even eat it on the way!

4. Bring along your favorite water bottle.

Prevent dehydration by sipping on a water bottle while driving. Camelbak water bottle is my favorite brand. Bring your water bottle into restaurants and ask wait staff to fill up on your way out.

These tips might be outside your typical road trip routine, but give them a try – just once – and let us know in the comments if you felt better upon arrival. We think you really will!

Safe and Fit-Travels!

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