You’re super busy. Yes, you go to the gym and eat pretty well, but, you want to be more consistent. You want to stay on track for the long term. Too often, though, life just seems to get in the way.

Go from thinking you don’t enough time for yourself to becoming a ninja planner in self-care. The more you practice planning, the better you get at it.

Here are a few tips:

(1) Be flexible with your expectations. If your schedule suddenly changes and you can’t exercise or have a meal as planned immediately look at your calendar and do your best to find another time that day. Keeping self-care a priority is what gets results!

(2) Accept that you may need to adjust. A 7-minute workout (like this one) is better than none. Eating a yogurt and apple as you dress for the meeting you forgot is better than not eating and being over hungry later.

(3) Book exercise in your calendar with alerts. Treat your self-care activities as the most important part of your day.

(4) When eating at a restaurant, order an extra item to-go for lunch the next day. Making self-care easier helps you stay on track and is key to long term results

(5) When grocery shopping, add some prepared items, like rotisserie chicken and side veggies to for extra meals. Having items like these on hand each week cuts the hassle out of what to eat when you are hungry after a long day. It also reduces settling for fast food drive-ins!

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