Want to see what your healthy lifestyle profile really looks like?

Get a visual representation of your health with a Wellness Blueprint.

I developed the wellness blueprint based on 30 years of work in fitness and community development. Over the years I witnessed, first-hand, people of all ages prioritizing time in their day to exercise, participate in programs with family and being involved in their community.

I started to realize that, although important, exercise and eating well were not the only aspects to feeling awesome. And then I started to travel abroad.

What I found were communities of people who rarely ate alone or in front of their computers, who regularly cooked at home and dined with family and friends. They found time in their day, every day, to take a break and rest. They had a sense of balance in their lives that was a natural way of life. I wanted more of this balance in my life.

The Wellness Blueprint is a product of my experience, my interest in longevity and communities that involve the people who live there.

For more information on communities with increased longevity, visit: https://bluezones.com/live-longer-better/#section-1

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