Find Healthy Food in U.S. Airports

Find Healthy Food in U.S. Airports

Many of us will be headed to airports this summer. Eating a satisfying meal prior to heading to the airport is strongly advised – setting yourself up for a more pleasant flight by being well fed before leaving the tarmac.

Long airport layovers and/or delays are often unavoidable. Who wants to eat awful airplane food or worse – get the hangries – that terrible angry/hunger feeling we get when we wait too long between meals!

Check out this great interactive map, created by the Physicians Committee of Responsible Medicine displaying by terminal the healthy restaurant options and menu items available at U.S. airports. Hover your mouse over the map and you’ll see pins indicating the airports featured in this dining guide – click the airport of your choice for restaurant and menu items.

The map is best used on desktop computers. Should you visit using your smartphone, just scroll down a bit to view the map and location listings.

Healthy Travels!