Case Study: “I’m tired of figuring out what to eat for lunch.”

Case Study: “I’m tired of figuring out what to eat for lunch.”

Easy lunch while working from home? It’s possible!

These days, so many of us work from home, a situation that can be both a blessing and a curse! The luxury of being at home all day – with access to your own kitchen – sounds ideal for practicing great nutritional habits, but often becomes impractical for busy entrepreneurs.

It’s the same for Stephanie and her husband who both work from home. Breakfast and dinner are not a problem for them. Lunch, on the other hand, is getting in the way of their very productive and healthy lives.

“What the heck do I eat for lunch?” Stephanie asked me. “I’m sick of salads, sandwich meats taste bad to me. I can’t really leave my desk because I’m too busy. I get the hangries because I haven’t eaten, then I’m mad at everyone, then I end up heading to the pantry and start digging into a box of something bad. Then I feel guilty. Everything frozen is all processed junk. What else is there?!”

As someone who often works from home while juggling a busy schedule, I know what it’s like.

During our initial consult, I understood pretty clearly that the last thing they wanted or needed was for me to give them time management strategies, or shopping ideas.

“I just don’t care that much about figuring out lunch. I know I should,” Stephanie told me. “But, I don’t. We know we need to eat, though.”

Their lunch problem begins solving itself as soon as they start making small changes to what they are already doing.

I have a protein shake most mornings for breakfast. It’s fast, convenient, takes very little prep, little to clean up and keeps me satisfied until my next meal. Mix. Pour. Drink. Done. (Even at your desk!)

“It’s a great way to replace a more traditional type lunch,” I suggest to Stephanie.

Check out these great protein shake recipes

In addition to protein shakes, two food delivery options have been brought to my attention recently.

You may think: “Why would I order meals when I really should be more attentive to having food available in my home?”

But the reality is: people are busy. Stephanie and her husband do well with breakfast and dinner. It’s lunch that trips them up. By meeting them where they are, this approach let’s them try something easy. Food delivery might be exactly what works for them. Imagine not having to think about what to eat for lunch this week and have it delivered right to your door.

Two companies that deliver ready-to-create meals straight to your door: Terra’s Kitchen and Fresh Realm. If you want to check out a review about the budding food delivery industry, have a look at The (almost) complete guide to the food delivery industry from 2015.